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13 El Nozha St. - El Saah Avenue,Nasr City


About us

Since its establishment in 1997

Al-Diar Construction Company has been presenting its services as an Egyptian company   specialized in the field of real estate investment.

During this period, it has achieved a qualitative leap and grown at a steady pace. This is thanks to the company’s reliance on the concept of comprehensive quality as a criterion and value, and putting customer satisfaction as a chief objective.

Al-Diar construction Company has proceed several projects during the last period.  The company- thank god - has been able to earn the confidence of its customers, it’s an evidence of the precision of the company and the progress it makes. We are committed to the highest levels of quality and excellence. We depend on human resources to achieve our goals, so we have considered all elements that work for Al Diar Construction Company as a target themselves to be developed, supported continuously and encouraged to be self-up skilled.

Our Vision:

We aim at strengthening our position among the leading real estate &investment companies. We strive to be one of the best integrated real estate companies with a well-established client database, which enjoys residential and mental high stability,

That’s sure establishing a trust in relate to investors and developers to ensures our progress towards the achieved objective.

Our Goals:

We’re planning to build partnerships that ensure the quality of the property solution and to help with the issuance in the real estate field. We help our clients to solve complicates, by working on strategic initiatives to promote a community that enjoys the productivity, quality and accuracy of details.